Capsule Coffee Can’t Stop

Capsule coffee has a firm place in today’s coffee industry. It is almost impossible to think back to the era without capsule coffee with the current perspective. They are a staple of the coffee industry, growing at an incredible rate every year. And where does capsule coffee come from? How did it all start?

It is said that Eric Favre, the inventor of the coffee capsule machine, accidentally drank an unusual cup of espresso in a Roman cafe: the owner of the coffee shop thought that the machine was malfunctioning and repeatedly turned the handle, causing a large amount of compressed gas to enter the cup… Inspired to develop coffee capsules.


What is Capsule Coffee?


Capsule coffee is to seal the ground coffee powder in small capsules, and use extremely strong steam and high pressure to extract espresso coffee, which has a hard texture and can maintain the prototype at high temperatures. The working principle of the coffee capsule machine is to inject high-pressure and high-temperature water vapor into the capsule, so that under the action of pressure, the coffee can extract a strong espresso with crema, which retains the flavor and aroma of the coffee itself to a large extent. .


What are the advantages of capsule coffee?


1. Capsule coffee can be called the gospel of lazy people. It is a kind of convenient coffee. It is very convenient to drink. It only takes a few steps to quickly drink a cup of coffee;

2. The quality of capsule coffee is relatively constant. During the product design, the coffee capsule machine has set a fixed water temperature and water output, and the production of the capsule itself also follows the flow and standardization;

3. Capsule coffee has various flavors, and the coffee capsule machine can also change more flavors, and can also be used to make tea, chocolate and other drinks, if you want to change the flavor, it is also a good choice;

4. The price is gratifying. Although the capsules are expensive, the price of the coffee capsule machine itself is still much cheaper than that of the automatic coffee machine.

Of course, if you have capsule coffee, you must also have a coffee capsule machine. Fortunately, we have a coffee capsule machine. Throw in a capsule, press a button, and have a decent coffee…I have to admit, it’s really super fast and super convenient. Moreover, compared to the mixture of creamer, emulsifier and coffee powder (yes, the editor is talking about instant coffee), at least what is extracted from the capsule is a cup of coffee.

As a result, it can quickly occupy the offices of professionals, the homes of fashionable people, and even in many cases, to quickly judge whether a high-star hotel is “really upscale”.

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