Donations For Wedding Gifts Do Good Deeds! 6 Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds

There are a lot of expenses at the wedding that are optional, as if preparing a small gift in return. Most of the guests don’t care about your planned gifts, but the newlyweds always feel that returning a gift can show their sincerity. Instead of buying less popular return gifts, use this budget for fundraising activities and make your wedding more meaningful!


DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS (MSF): The $1,000 Gift Back Budget Has Already Helped


How much are you going to spend as a planned gifts budget? $1,000? Did you know that $1,000 has already helped MSF buy a wound treatment kit to wrap wounds for 72 patients. If you have the budget, you might as well donate to MSF to do a good deed, and the couple will receive a thank you card and a custom table card designed by the agency to give to the guests!


WISE ANGEL: A Wedding Gift Made By A Mentally Handicapped Person


WISE ANGEL is a non-profit social service organization that provides services for the mentally handicapped. The wedding gifts provided are all made by the intellectually handicapped. The income from each gift can help the intellectually handicapped live independently. Planned gifts include naturally scented soy candles, soaps in different shapes, greeting cards and more, starting at $15.


ORBIS: Money In Return Illuminates The World For The Blind


In terms of charities, ORBIS’s wedding gifts are the most attractive! Donation of $2,000 can be exchanged for a gift at a limited price; if you donate $3,800 or more, ORBIS will send a pair of wedding bears and a certificate of appreciation, and also provide 2 types of greeting cards (one of which will be printed with the name of the newcomer for an additional fee) .


Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals: Helping Animals In Need


Instead of using the gift money to buy items such as candy and chocolate, it’s better to do something for the animals! Newcomers who are full of love for animals can donate the gift money to SPCA to help animals in need. The association will design a wedding gift card for the newlyweds as a small gift for the guests.


World Vision: Rewards Turn Into Donations To Help Underprivileged Children And Their Communities


If you want to contribute to the next generation, newcomers can consider 2 types of charity gifts from World Vision: the annual calendar card and the blessing card. A set of four types of blessing cards, with pictures of impoverished children and a blessing seal with the name of the newlyweds printed on the cards, to appeal to guests to sponsor children.


Oxfam: Marriage Can Give 6 Hearts To Poor Areas


Oxfam, which also aims to relieve poverty-stricken areas, also has a wedding gift plan. The newlyweds can donate 6 gifts to poor areas, including a pair of goats, pigs, roads, clean water, homes and honey. Newcomers can also get 3 small gifts in return. Place an “Oxfam Courtesy” card around the table to let guests know that you have a gift for them in return. Each guest will receive a congratulatory photo card with the wedding photo of the newlyweds printed on it, as a souvenir for Oxfam to design a return photo for you.

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