Hong Kong-Produced Specialty Coffee Debuts

It is not easy for young people with limited wallet thickness to achieve complete coffee freedom. Coffee roasting and coffee brewing are a very handsome thing in the eyes of many people, and in the face of coffee planting, people What I imagine is the scene of facing the loess and turning back to the sky. Even so, in order to be able to drink a cup of coffee that satisfies them, more young people have awakened and embarked on the road of growing coffee.

Coffee is a tropical cash crop, generally planted between the Tropic of Cancer, and Hong Kong is in the “Golden Coffee Planting Belt” area. Coffee Workshop has reported that not only Yunnan Province, but also Taiwan Province, China grows Arabica coffee, and now even coffee store hong kong has areas where Arabica coffee is grown.

According to a report by Hong Kong media on.cc, Mike, a 42-year-old IT industry employee, resigned from his job in 2019, switched to planting vegetables and fruits, and took over the care of the coffee trees in the plantation (20 coffee trees at the peak in 2020) . The first year’s coffee bean harvest was only 3 kilograms, and the second year’s coffee bean harvest only increased slightly.

Faced with a complete coffee trading chain, the profit that coffee growers can get is often the lowest in the entire trading chain, and sometimes they even have to lose money. When the coffee beans are converted into a cup of coffee, the coffee is truly reflected. the value of.

Mike is very clear about the above bloody facts, so he did not focus on selling coffee beans from the beginning, but focused on researching coffee processing methods, which is expected to develop the local flavor of Hong Kong coffee and promote coffee culture.

In addition to coffee beans, coffee peels and coffee leaves are crops with economic value. In addition to being used for brewing coffee, it can also be used for making tea and bartending.

The deepest impression of Hong Kong is that everything is expensive. It is not easy to find a place suitable for growing coffee in Hong Kong. In order to grow coffee, Mike will make full use of the knowledge and technology he has learned in the IT field. He even designed a machine to record the temperature and humidity changes of the planting environment at every moment.

According to reports, the Caturra coffee trees in this plantation are all planted under the shade of the river, and some taller trees next to them bring natural shade to the coffee trees, so that the coffee that is planted will not be overdone. It doesn’t taste good when exposed to the sun. Some fallen branches and leaves provide nutrients for the coffee trees.

With fewer coffee trees and fewer berries to harvest, the managers of this plantation have focused on coffee processing rather than production. In addition to the familiar sun drying and water washing, different anaerobic fermentations are performed using perilla leaves, coriander, beer, plum wine, common salt or sea salt.

Interestingly, everyone thinks that the coffee fermented with basil leaves will have the taste of basil leaves, but the fact is that coffee not only does not have the taste of basil leaves, but some special flavors are even more prominent.

However, in order to grow good coffee, you also need the right altitude. According to the “Specialty Coffee Science”, Arabica coffee beans are generally planted at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters to produce good flavor. However, according to Baidu Encyclopedia, the highest point in Hong Kong is Tai Mo Shan, which is 958 meters above sea level. The production of this Hong Kong-produced coffee is so rare that it is difficult to taste it.

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